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Cutting Drilling Fastening Grinding Mixing Polishing Measuring

All States of Concrete Blades

For all states of concrete.

Aluminum Tungsten Carbide Blades

Fast Smooth Professional High-end Clean Cutting

Arrow Cup Grinding Wheel

Arrow segments will remove Epoxies Glue paint and other coatings if leaned on they will grind as well think about it.

Asphalt Floor Saw Blades

Fast cutting a return on investment Cheap cutting

Asphalt Hand Saw Blades

High concentration diamond and high speed core design for petrol hand held saws. Free cutting and longer life.

Brick and Block Saw Blades

New Arrivebond design and silence core design for fast quieter cutting.

Brick and Block Saw Blades (Normal Core)

(H)Features:Fast Smooth cutting of Hard Bricks some Refractory Bricks, Flint, Reinforced Schist Hard PaversĀ 
(M)Features: Fast Sooth cutting Medium to Hard Bricks,Terracotta, Concrete PaversĀ 

Carbide Cutting Wheel

The multi-application use blade for high-speed cutting through timber with nails, timber, plastic, plaster and other similar construction materials designed specifically for use on angle grinders.

Concrete Diamond Core Bits

For drilling general to hard concrete with rebar, roof top segment design for easy start . 1-1/4 UNC fitting designed

Concrete Drill Bits (Cross Head) - SDS Plus

TUSK SDS PLUS CROSS HEAD MASONRY DRILL BITS design hammer drill for smoother drilling,maximum spoil removal and longer life. Four tungsten carbide cutting edges rapidly penetrate the hardest of masonry materials.

Concrete HHP Saw Blades

High quality blades design for use on a high powered floor saw blades.

Conner Cup Grinding Wheel

60mm diameter designed with a longer adapter fit for use on the M14 angle grinder. Maker easy work of grinding conner's concrete.

Continuous Tile Blades

High-end Professional Blade Very Sooth Cutting Ceramic,Porcelain,Marble, Granite

Cordless Timber Blades

Premium saw blades especially for cordless hand saws. Thin kerf (cutting width) for ultra fast, thin and efficient cuts in soft & hard wood, plywood, MDF and chipboard.

Crack Chaser

High diamond concentration design. This means a free cutting performance with longer blade life.

Cured Concrete Floor Saw Blades

Good Speed Great life medium to hard reinforced Concrete cuts normal steel reinforcing with ease

Decorative Hand Saw Blades

This is a 10mm width segment design for wide cuts. Perfect width for cutting a chase to make cable laying wasy. Designed for use on a petrol hand saw.

Diamond Dry Core Bits

"X" tooth, laser welded segment design and higher quality diamond bond on these core drill bits means fast & dry drilling into concrete with rebar. Adapter available for SDS Plus & SDS Max drills. Extension available up to 245mm giving you a 400mm drilling depth.

Diamond Hand Pad

TUSK electroplated diamond hand polishing pads are made from high quality diamond power for use on granite, marble, glass edges and surfaces. Our range has 4 different colour-coded diamond grits and are foam backed, very light, aggressive and durable - for wet or dry use.

Diamond Metal Cut-off Wheel

Diamond Metal Cut-off Wheel are our specialist metal cut-off wheel for cutting on angle grinders. The perfect solution for cutting sheet steel, stainless steel, pipe, tubing , box beams and cast iron up to 5mm in thickness.