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Cutting Drilling Fastening Grinding Mixing Polishing Measuring

Diamond Sander Disc

GDSD is for grinding steelĀ for fast grinding of hard welds aggressive removal of rust and many other steel reduction situations, It can also be used for grinding of armour rail in concrete.

Diamond Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel

Grinding for light or small jobs and tidy ups. Manufactured from a single hearyduty, fully ground steel core (whole in on sintering) for strength and eliminates torque.

Double Row Cup Grinding Wheel

Designed to grind lips and ridges down can be used as a General Purpose less sweep mark.

Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb)

Premium quality diamond polishing pads for use on angle grinder to polish hard materials. Can be used wet

Electric Mixer

This multi-purpose mixer is ideal at home or jobsites for mixing & stirring a wide range of materials, including concrete, mortar, paint & adhesives. The compact design & soft start feature coupled with the lock-on button for continuous use & soft grip covered handles.

Electric Thin Hand Saw Blades

Fast cutting of reinforced Concrete and hard construction products. Super thin 2.2mm segment design for fast cutting on concrete. Designed for use on electric hand held saws

Electroplate Glass Blades

Electroplated by 100/200 diamond grit for a very fine cut and smooth finishing on the cut edge.

General Purpose Blades

Best all round blade on the market designed to Cut Great for Expansion, Asphalt, General Concrete, Schist,Cobblestones, Concrete Pavers. Clay Bricks,Medium Bricks,Long Life Free cutting

Green Concrete Floor Blades

Smooth less likely to chip or rip good life got to be one of the best on the Market Two grades to choose from Medium for most concretes or Hard for those hard river pebble jobs

Grinding Dust Guard

TDG125 Fits all 125 grinders. TDG180 Multi fit guardĀ  chose 1 of 2 sizes to fit shaft collar

Invader Blades

TIB Rescue Blade- Vacuum braised diamonds on each segment, laser welded, designed for use on petrol hand held saws- cuts EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

Jamb Saw Blades

Under cut saw blades.

L Row Cup Grinding Wheel

Fast segment designed to get close to edges clean sweep marks medium aggressiveness should be good as a general purpose Grinder

L Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel

Fast aggressive stock removal. Designed for angle Grinder to get close to edges with minimal sweep marks. "L" shapes segments engineerd for aggressive removal of concrete surfaces and other hard construction products.

Masonry QC Hex Bits

For drilling concrete, masonry or brick. Madw from high grade steel using high quality tungsten carbide machine welded tips for long life. These bits are ideal for drilling holes in concrete. masonry or brick.

Metal Drill Bits HSS

HSS-fully ground,135degree split point, M2 Material, Surface TIN coated

Multi Tool Mortar Knife

Diamond braised edged blades designed for mortar removal, brick & block, concrete and nails

Multi Tools Blades

Get any job done with this complete accessory kit Multi-tool-scraping,cutting and rasping.


Premium quality S2 alloy steel bits for use with the TUSK Torsion range.