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Cutting Drilling Fastening Grinding Mixing Polishing Measuring

PCD Cup Grinding Wheel

PCDs are for scraping coatings from the floor or walls a great system for smooth surfaces if surface is ruff or has bolts or concrete nails protruding use an arrow

PCD Fiber Cement Blades

This new PCD Diamond blade range Is the perfect solution for cutting Concrete based sheet materials up to 15 times longer lasting than a tungsten blade with  less dust than a Diamond blade.

Polishing Pad Backer

Velcro backed polishing pads simple stick to the backing pad and then fixed to your angle grinder. Backing pad comes rigid or flexible for easy polishing without gouging.

Polishing Pads with Plastic Backer

"All IN ONE" designed feature with plastic backer built in. Fits directly to a 4" angle grinder for immediate use. Designed to polisg the edge of tiles after cutting. Polish very hard materials such as concrete, marble, stone. Jade, glass,porcelain.

Reinforced Concrete Floor Saw Blades

Fast cutting longer Life Hard, Construction Material

Reinforced Concrete Hand Saw Blades

Good speed Cutting in Tilt slab and heavy Concrete

S Row Cup Grinding Wheel

Fast and aggressive for quick removal of Stock great for keying ready for Grout or Glue,Good Life

Sabra Saw Blades

Three specialist blades available TRB W - wood, TRB M- METAL OR TRB B-wood & metal blades.

Scrub Tungsten Carbide Blades

Tungsten tipped blade fitting most Scrub cutting machines for

Segmented Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel

Designed to grind flat surfaces to a near smooth finish minimal sweep marks easy to control how deep you grind 

Silent Brick and Block Saw Blades (Silence Core)

(H)Features:Fast Smooth cutting of Hard Bricks some Refractory Bricks,Flint,Reinforced Schist Hard Pavers 
(M)Features:Fast Sooth cutting Medium to Hard Bricks,Terracotta,Concrete Pavers 

Steel Tungsten Carbide Blades

High quality cuts fewer burs from specially designed tips for greater security improving efficiency and durability. Fast clean cool cuts with less dust in mild steel plate treaded rod and box sections.

T Row Cup Grinding Wheel

T segments float and give a near polished finish

Tape Measuring

Tough,drop resistant 25mm wide metal tape. Scratch resistant,rust-proof nylon coating with a reinforced hook.

TCT Demolition Blades

Fast, aggressive cutting in Timber with nails, Aluminium and Timber

Thin Metal Cut-off Wheel

New Tusk Thin Metel Cut-off Wheel (1mm thickness) designed for faster performance and longer life when cutting metal, stainless steel and aluminium

Timber Tungsten Carbide Blades

Fast Cutting,Long-life General Timber blade

Torsion Bits

Premium quality S2 alloy steel bits with magnetic tips and feature a torsion zone to prevent breakage and longer bit life. Compression forged tips for precise tip fitment and less tripping.