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Grinding Concrete

Concrete Granite Steel Timber

Arrow Cup Grinding Wheel

Arrow segments will remove Epoxies Glue paint and other coatings if leaned on they will grind as well think about it.

Conner Cup Grinding Wheel

60mm diameter designed with a longer adapter fit for use on the M14 angle grinder. Maker easy work of grinding conner's concrete.

Diamond Sander Disc

GDSD is for grinding steelĀ for fast grinding of hard welds aggressive removal of rust and many other steel reduction situations, It can also be used for grinding of armour rail in concrete.

Diamond Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel

Grinding for light or small jobs and tidy ups. Manufactured from a single hearyduty, fully ground steel core (whole in on sintering) for strength and eliminates torque.

Double Row Cup Grinding Wheel

Designed to grind lips and ridges down can be used as a General Purpose less sweep mark.

L Row Cup Grinding Wheel

Fast segment designed to get close to edges clean sweep marks medium aggressiveness should be good as a general purpose Grinder

L Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel

Fast aggressive stock removal. Designed for angle Grinder to get close to edges with minimal sweep marks. "L" shapes segments engineerd for aggressive removal of concrete surfaces and other hard construction products.

PCD Cup Grinding Wheel

PCDs are for scraping coatings from the floor or walls a great system for smooth surfaces if surface is ruff or has bolts or concrete nails protruding use an arrow

S Row Cup Grinding Wheel

Fast and aggressive for quick removal of Stock great for keying ready for Grout or Glue,Good Life

Segmented Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel

Designed to grind flat surfaces to a near smooth finish minimal sweep marks easy to control how deep you grindĀ 

T Row Cup Grinding Wheel

T segments float and give a near polished finish