PCD Fibre Cement Blade

“POLY CRYSTALLINE DIAMOND” Tipped Cement Blades are premium quality “dry cut” saw blades manufactured especially for use on circular saws for fast, aggressive cutting of fibre cement with less dust to a standard carbide – fibre continuous rim blade. The PCD teeth provide smoother, cleaner, accurate cuts and a drastically longer blade life. Fibre cement is widely knows to be extremely hard on blade life – Our PCD blade has proven performance above the industry standard TCT blades which are currently on the market. The TPFC are perfect for full time use in heavy duty applications like cutting multiple pieces of fibre cement board at once.


  • application: fibre cement
    Fibre Cement

Recommended Tools

  • tool: table saw
    Table Saw
  • tool: mitre saw
    Mitre Saw
  • tool: circular saw
    Circular Saw

  • TPFC 125 PCD Fibre Cement - 125x1.6x4Tx20
  • TPFC 160 PCD Fiber Cement Blades - 160 x 2.2/1.6 x 6T x 20/16
  • TPFC 185 PCD Fiber Cement Blades - 185 x 2.2/1.6 x 6T x 20 (20/16)
  • TPFC 254 PCD Fiber Cement Blades - 254 x 2.4/1.8 x 8T x 30 (25.4/25/16)
  • TPFC 305 PCD Fiber Cement Blades - 305 x 2.6/2 x 10T x 30 (25.4/25/20/16)