Tusk Torsion Bit Kits

The TUSK Torsion Bit range are specifically designed for use in Impact Drivers.
The tapered design delivers more power, durability and long life. Made from proprietary heat treated steel with compression forged tips for more strength, making the head less prone to failure under high stress applications. The taper allows the bit to twist and flex ever so slightly allowing the shaft to accept some of the back force instead of shearing under the enormous load that modern drills put out.


Recommended Tools

  • tool: impact driver
    Impact Driver

  • TB 16PC Torsion Bits 50mm x 16pc kits (Black Serious)
  • TB 38pc Torsion Bits 25mm 38pc kits Blue
  • TB 29pc Torsion Bits 25mm 29pc kits
  • TB 10pc Torsion Bits 25mm 10pc kits