Multi-Tool Middle Tooth Bim Blade

TUSK MIDDLE TOOTH BI-METAL SAW BLADE TUSK General Purpose Bi-Metal Blades are designed for Flush or Plunge cutting situations (clean straight cuts where you stab the blade into the surface). These blades are ideal for remodelling jobs requiring general cutting of lighter gauge nail embedded wood. This demolition blade is also great for cutting Fibreglass, PVC, copper pipes and soft metal mesh. NB: Cutting any type of metal will reduce the life of the blade.


  • application: concrete
  • application: brick and block
    Brick & Block
  • application: plaster
  • application: fibreglass
  • application: timber
  • application: pvc

Recommended Tools

  • tool: multi tool
    Multi Tool

  • TMTA MT1 Multi-Tool Middle Tooth Bim Blade
  • TMTA 16 Muliti Tools Blades Bimetal 40x68 16TPI 5pc pack