Ceramic Flap Disk

TUSK CERAMIC FLAP DISKS are designed for rapid and aggressive stock removal and to smooth out welds, beads and burrs as well as rounding sharp edges. The Ceramic Flap Disks are made using a new resin technique which ensures a significantly longer life, grain retention and a resistance to freying ensuring a smooth, clean and consistent finish every use. Compared to a grinding disk our flap disks cut cooler, grinds faster and are more user friendly due to the reduced vibration. The new TUSK Ceramic Flap Disc lasts twice as long when grinding stainless steel, chrome, metal, titanium and other hard materials. Available in 115mm & 125mm diameters with grits froms 36 - 120.


  • application: metal
  • application: stainless steel
    Stainless Steel

Recommended Tools

  • tool: angle grinder
    Angle Grinder

  • CFD 11536 Ceramic Flap Disc 115x22.23 36#
  • CFD 11540 Ceramic Flap Disc 115x22.23 40#
  • CFD 11560 Ceramic Flap Disc 115x22.23 60#
  • CFD 11580 Ceramic Flap Disc 115x22.23 80#
  • CFD 115120 Ceramic Flap Disc 115x22.23 120#
  • CFD 12536 Ceramic Flap Disc 125x22.23 36#
  • CFD 12540 Ceramic Flap Disc 125x22.23 40#
  • CFD 12560 Ceramic Flap Disc 125x22.23 60#
  • CFD 12580 Ceramic Flap Disc 125x22.23 80#
  • CFD 125120 Ceramic Flap Disc 125x22.23 120#