Cobalt Drill Bit Set M42

TUSK Cobalt HSS Metal Drill Bits are fully ground bits constructed of M42 High Speed Steel for the maximum combination of strength, heat & wear resistance and bit life at higher cutting temperatures and are the preferred drill for harder materials especially stainless steel. 8% cobalt HSS provides 5x more life than regular TIN coated HSS drills. Increased 135 degree point enables a faster drilling rate, lower feed pressure and features a 'split point' or 'self centering' tip.


  • application: stainless steel
    Stainless Steel
  • application: alloy-steel
    Alloy Steel
  • application: cast-iron
    Cast Iron

Recommended Tools

  • tool: drill
  • tool: drill press
    Drill Press

  • CHSS 252 Cobalt Drill Bits Set M42