Concrete HHP Saw Blade

When it comes to cutting through tough materials like tilt slab and heavy concrete, you need a blade that can keep up with the demands of the job. Our concrete blade is specifically designed for professional cutters who require speed and precision in their work.

With its unique design and high-quality materials, our concrete blade is the fastest on the market. Whether you're using it on a petrol powered floor saw or a hand saw, you can count on its ability to quickly and efficiently cut through even the toughest materials.

Investing in a high-quality concrete blade is essential for any professional who wants to produce quality work and save time on the job. Trust our concrete blade to help you achieve your goals and take your cutting abilities to the next level.


  • application: concrete
  • application: reinforced concrete
    Reinforced Concrete

Recommended Tools

  • tool: petrol hand saw
    Petrol Hand Saw

  • CHFS 460 Concrete HHP Saw Blades - 460 x 3.6/2.8 x 12 x 25.4PH
  • CHFS 510 Concrete HHP Saw Blades - 510 x 4.0/3.2 x 10 x 25.4PH
  • CHFS 610 Concrete HHP Saw Blades - 610 x 4.0/3.2 x 10 x 25.4PH
  • CHFS 660 Concrete HHP Saw Blades - 660 x 4.0/3.2 x 10 x 25.4PH