Demolition Sabre Saw Blade

Specialist blade for demolition for use on reciprocating saws, designed wider and thicker, making it better able to resist bending when cutting through timber, nail embedded timber, steel, plastic and aluminium.

Bi-Metal blade with teeth made from M42 grade steel from the USA, these blades are manufactured tough, and will give you better performance, longer I ife and more destruction on the job.


  • application: plastic
  • application: aluminium
  • application: steel
  • application: timber
  • application: timber with nails
    Timber With Nails

Recommended Tools

  • tool: jig saw
    Jig Saw
  • tool: sabre saw
    Sabre Saw

  • TRB 228D Sabre Saw demolition Blades - 228 x 5/8T x 1.6 x 22 x 1pk
  • TRB 300D Sabra Saw Demolition Blades - 304 x 10/14T x 1.6 x 22.2 x 1pk