Diamond Finger Bits

TUSK DIAMOND FINGER BITS featuring vacuum braised diamond grit for fast cutting speed and long tool life. Used for enlarging, shaping, rounding or bevelling exisiting holes in hard ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite and stone. Features an M14 thread for use on angle grinders.


  • application: ceramic tiles
    Ceramic Tiles
  • application: stone tile
    Stone Tile
  • application: ceramic
  • application: porcelain
  • application: tile edge
    Tile Edge
  • application: marble

Recommended Tools

  • tool: angle grinder
    Angle Grinder

  • DCC HEX Adapter M14 to HEX
  • DCC A1 Adapter M14 to M10
  • DCC 8 Diamond Finger Bit 8mm M14
  • DCC 10 Diamond Finger Bit 10mm M14
  • DCC 12 Diamond Finger Bit 12mm M14
  • DCC 38 Diamond Cone Finger Bit 38mm M14
  • DCC 45 Diamond Chamfer Cone Finger Bit 45mm M14
  • DCC 3P Diamond Finger Bits Set 8/10/12 Plus 2 Adapter