Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb)

These premium quality diamond polishing pads can be used with any angle grinder to polish a range of very hard materials into beautiful shiny pieces such as kitchen benchtops, concrete hearths, garden art, custom poured concrete vanities etc. Designed to be used dry which in most situations is a lot easier especially if a concrete hearth or benchtop has been poured in place and water makes a messy slurry that can be difficult to clean up. However, if necessary they can also be used wet. Dry polishing is convenient but the dust needs to be managed. Either method gives the same finished result. These velcro backed polishing pads simply stick to the velcro backing pad that attaches to your angle grinder. The best control is achieved when using a variable speed angle grinder. The backing pad comes in a flexible option so it makes it easy to polish without gouging.

Can be used wet.


  • application: concrete
  • application: ceramic tiles
    Ceramic Tiles
  • application: ceramic
  • application: granite
  • application: tile edge
    Tile Edge

Recommended Tools

  • tool: angle grinder
    Angle Grinder

  • TPPH 100 50 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) - 100mm 50#
  • TPPH 100 100 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) - 100mm 100#
  • TPPH 100 200 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) - 100mm 200#
  • TPPH 100 400 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) 100mm 400#
  • TPPH 125 50 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) - 125mm 50#
  • TPPH 125 100 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) - 125mm 100#
  • TPPH 125 200 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) - 125mm 200#
  • TPPH 125 400 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) 125mm 400#
  • TPPH 125 800 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) 125mm 800#
  • TPPH 125 1500 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) 125mm 1500#
  • TPPH 125 3000 Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb) 125mm 3000#