GLT L Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel

For fast, aggressive stock removal. Designed for use on your angle grinder to get close to edges with minimal sweep marks. The grinding cup to use when you are wanting to grind down high patches to the desired level. Premium Middle Bond - 30/40 grit high quality diamond for reliability and speed.  Aggressive “L” shaped segments are specifically engineered to produce the desired results (aggressively removing concrete surfaces and other hard construction products). Open air ducting enables cooler operation than other cup wheels, providing fast stock removal and longer grinding life. 


  • application: concrete
  • application: brick and block
    Brick & Block
  • application: stone tile
    Stone Tile
  • application: fibreboard
  • application: terra cotta
    Terra Cotta
  • application: granite
  • application: grout

Recommended Tools

  • tool: angle grinder
    Angle Grinder

  • GLT 180 L Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel - 180 x 8 x 22.23 Fast Bond 30/40
  • GLT 125 L Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel - 125 x 8 x 22.23 Fast Bond 30/40
  • GLT 105 L Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel 105 x 8 x 22.23/16 Fast Bond 30/40