Multi Tools Bi-metal blade 4 side 103mm x 80mm

TUSK MULTI-TOOL Bl-METAL TITANIUM SEGMENT SAW BLADES are designed for wide Plunge or Linear cutting situations (clean straight cuts where you stab the blade into the surface). Bi-metal construction with titanium coated edge for longer performance life - ideal for cutting timber with nails, timber, PVC, fibreglass and drywall (Gib) & plaster. Cutting teeth on all four outer edges of the blade allows the user to change the cutting direction without stopping or having to change either the hand placements or the angle of the multi-tool itself. Multi-fit connection allows for quick and easy accessory changes on all common multi-tools. 


  • application: plaster
  • application: fibreglass
  • application: timber
  • application: timber with nails
    Timber With Nails
  • application: pvc

Recommended Tools

  • tool: multi tool
    Multi Tool

  • TMTA 26 Multi Tools Bi-metal blade 4 side 103mm x 80mm