Multi-Tool Bi-Metal Titanium Saw Blade - Timber with nails

TUSK MULTI-TOOL Bl-METAL TITANIUM SAW BLADES are designed for Flush or Plunge cutting situations (clean straight cuts where you stab the blade into the surface). Bi-metal construction with titanium coated edge for longer performance life - ideal for cutting timber with nails, drywall (Gib) & plaster, fibreglass, PVC and non-ferrous metals. Multi-fit connection allows for quick and easy accessory changes on all common multi-tools.


  • application: plastic
  • application: fibreglass
  • application: timber
  • application: timber with nails
    Timber With Nails
  • application: pvc

Recommended Tools

  • tool: multi tool
    Multi Tool

  • TMTA 01 Multi Tools Blades Bimetal Titanium 44x50 18TPI 1pc pack
  • TMTA 02 Multi Tools Blades Bimetal Titanium 44x50 18TPI 5pc pack