Tusk Floor Grinder

The NEW Generation TUSK TFG 250 direct drive floor grinder is compact and lightweight for transportation and handling and it is compactable so it stores easily. The perfect entry level grinder for all basic floor preparation applications. Left or right hand operated, the TUSK TFG 250 Floor Grinder is easy to control for dry grinding and easily connects to any dust control vacuum, with a level adjustment on rear wheels for perfectly even surfaces and handling. Features a floating head dust shroud to pick up maximum dust, plus an adjustable working handle height to cater for all operator sizes, this unit is designed and manufactured to offer performance, durability, innovation and operator safety. 

Working width: 250mm

Motor: 1.8kW / 230V

Working Speed: 1450rpm


  • application: concrete

Recommended Tools

  • GQFS 3T PCD 3T
  • GQFS 20 Quick Fit Shoes - S Row 20/25
  • GQFS 60 Quick Fit Shoes - S Row 60/80
  • GQFS 100 Quick Fit Shoes - S Row 100/120
  • GQFS 30 Quick Fit Shoes - Arrow 30/40
  • TFG250 Tusk Floor Grinder