VBH Core Bits QC Hex

TUSK diamond tipped ceramic tile drills are designed to be run on Impact Drivers,
but the ‘Quick Change Hex Fit’ design also guarantees stability in standard chucks.
Our tile drill bits require no water. A special wax filled core melts, lubricates and
cools when drilling in Stone or Ceramic tiles.

  • Diamond Tipped core bits: for a professional finish for use on Impact Driver
  • Quick Change Hex fitting: guarantees stability in the chuck
  • No water required: wax lubricated and cooled


  • application: ceramic tiles
    Ceramic Tiles
  • application: stone tile
    Stone Tile
  • application: porcelain

Recommended Tools

  • tool: drill
  • tool: impact driver
    Impact Driver

  • VBH 5 VB Core Bits QC Hex 5mm
  • VBH 6 VB Core Bits QC Hex 6mm
  • VBH 8 VB Core Bits QC Hex 8mm
  • VBH 10 VB Core Bits QC Hex 10mm
  • VBH 12 VB Core Bits QC Hex 12mm
  • VBH 15 VB Core Bits QC Hex 15mm
  • VBH 20 VB Core Bits QC Hex 20mm