Wood Countersink Bit

TUSK TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TOOTH (TCT) DECKING BIT has been designed for controlled pilot hole drilling and countersinking with one tool in preparation for fixing with decking screws. For use on hard or soft timber decking, cement sheet, plastic, fibre-cement board and abrasive materials.

Fully adjustable countersink depth stop for accurate drilling control.
Stop collar with free-spin bearings to prevent tool from marking the work piece. Bearing design also results in a longer tool life compared to old non-bearing versions.
Extra-wide gullets in the collar allow chips to clear without jamming.
Tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) counter-sink cutter at the base of the pilot drill.
Includes a TCT multi-purpose bit for fibre-cement, and 2x HSS replacement bits for timber drilling.
Quick change hex shank suits use on impact drills, although can still be used with standard drills.
Hex shank ensures non-slip in the chuck.


  • application: fibre cement
    Fibre Cement
  • application: timber

Recommended Tools

  • tool: drill
  • tool: impact driver
    Impact Driver

  • WCB 8G Wood Countersink Drill Bit 8G
  • WCB 10G Wood Countersink Drill Bit 10G
  • WCB 12G Wood Countersink Drill Bit 12G
  • WCB 14G Wood Countersink Drill Bit 14G